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Mount Leuser National Park ( The Very Long Ridge Of Bukit Barisan Hills)

( Bukit Lawang,Kuta Cane ( South Esat Of Aceh ),Berastagi,Tangkahan, )

                          daily Bukit Lawang trek.
Sumatera Orang Utan ( Pongo Pygmaeus Abely ) Bukit Lawng Ordo
Orang Utan Legend of Asian, where the Asian people are ancestrall...
 Two days trek _Mount leuser National park Primary jungle 
Treking in Bukit Lawang ... Get more experiece about the wild jungle...//      
The unforgetable memory buy the jungle experien...

                             Three Days trek  Bukit Lawang in 
                            Mount LeuserNational Park through the wild jungle
The very dense of trofical rain forest where we still can find vary of folra and fa...

                           Five Days trekking in Bukit Lawang 
                          Through up the Jungle in to the wid.
Welcome....! for wonder world jungle......// The Bukit Lawang ,Gunung Leuser National park ( Home of Orang Utans ) The numerous of j...
       One week journey in Bukit Lawang 
                          Jungle Mount Leuser National Park
Young Orang Utan Live Together with their  mother Some of the wild jungle comunity "Orang Utan " Men Of The Forestor Jungle...

                     Three Days trek Bukit Lawang _
                      Berastagi Through The Jungle
Welcome to....Bukit Lawang...!! The Sumatera Tourist Object,..........and Posting.....// Bukit Lawang Things To See & Do  Orang U...
                       One day_ Three Days Rafting At:Wampu River,Asahan River

                   Five Days Trek To Kuta cane/Ketambe (South east Aceh)

 Seven days trek to Kuta cane /Ketambe (South east Aceh)
trekimg through the wild jungle

 Daily tangkahan elephant riding trek.
 One day trek in tangkahan

  Purest Tangkahan  Jungle trek

Four Days North Sumatera Package Tour

Arrival at Polonia airport and drive to Parapat via Tebing Tinggi, on the way stops at several plantations for rubber, cacoa and palm oil, arrival at Parapat and crossing to Samosir Island by ferry boat and arrival at Samosir check-in to hotel.

                                                 DAY 02 SAMOSIR - EXCURSION (B)
After breakfast, excursion by boat on LakeToba and visiting several Batak Toba traditional villages
- Ambarita: to see stone chairs and table, the execution place of Sialang Kings
- Tomok: to see the old tomb of Sidabutar Kings
- Simanindo: to see Batak Toba traditional dance (Tor-Tor) and museum Afternoon return back to hotel

After breakfast crossing back to Parapat and drive to Brastagi via Simarjarunjung with stop at Rumah Bolon (Long House) the old Palace of Batak Simalungun Kings, and Sipiso-piso waterfall. Arrival at Brastagi for visiting fruit market and Batak Toba traditional village at Peceren  and afternoon check-in to hotel.
After breakfast drive to Medan via Sembahe and Sibolangit, arrival at Medan and city tour by visiting Sultan Palace, Grand Mosque, transfer to airport for your next destination.

Jungle Trek in Indonesia


Trekking one day
35 eu/p
Trekking two days one night
70 eu/p
Trekking three days two nights
105 eu/p

Trekking five days to Kuta Cane
Extra 10 eu for rafting activities
The Group Will be 3 person minimum
250 eu/p
Included: food,drink,tent

One day rafting
75 eu/p
Two days rafting
150 eu/p
Three days rafting
The group will be 3 person minimum
400 eu/p
Included .food ,drink,transportation

One day elephant trek
75 eu/p
Two days one night elephant trek
150 eu/p

The group will be 3 person minimum
Included food,drink ,transportation

Bukit Lawang Tropical Rain Jungle

Bukit Lawang is famous with the tropical rain jungle, where the jungle still virgin and the most rich of endemic Flora and Fauna. Now days had exist 5000 of wild orang utan where they are some had released by the orang utan rehabilitation center was starting since 1971 begin in Kuta Cane ( Ketambe ) south  east of  Aceh. There are also some kind of mamalias like monkeys called : Kera ( Long Tailed Macaque ), Kedih ( Thomas Leaf Monkeys ), Beruk ( Pig Tailed Macaque ), Wau-wau ( White Handed Gibon ), Siamang ( Black Gibon ) and vary of amphibians like Lizards,Turtles,Snakes, and many more of faultry likel,Hornbill and Argusianus Pheasent,thousand of butterflies,beatles and kindly of insect. In this jungle commonly seen the beautiful  of orchids . Bukit Lawang Tropical Rain Jungle used exploring by the people who involved in the treking activities  as jungle recreation .

Green Xplorer invite you to join in this jungle treking programes arranged from one days until seven days of jungle treking.
this treking activities can do and efort by experienced  guide who was know the jungle verywell
who does ever intrested of this program activities please choose your guide or book on Us at Green Xplorer Tour & Treking Service in Bukit Lawang or you may book online:
mobile: Contact our mine office:...............
call : 082366120236

Indonesia offers a wide range of natural diversities in the over seventeen thousand islands. Nature lovers will find here different types of landscapes and vegetation. The marine life and reserves offered by the cliffs are breathtaking in many aspects.

Jungle trekking in Indonesia will take you face to face with the rich bio diversity and scenic beauty of the country. You have a lot of options for trekking with 120 active volcanoes, dense jungles, mountain climbs and remote villages to choose from.

The most adventurous and beautiful trails include trips to Bukit Barisan National Park, a remote and beautiful peninsula in Sumatra (routes leading through tropical rainforest onto a beach inhabited by turtles); the Muller Mountain on Kalimantan (a trail following the traditional jungle route used by the native Iban people); and Lake

Habbema on Irian Jaya (a week-long trek to remote villages and mountains).A trip through hills and virgin jungles of Ujungkulon National Park in southern coastal region of western tip of Java Island provides opportunities of seeing animals, birds and other exotic fauna & flora of Ujungkulon. Ujungkulon is the last home of Javan Rhinos. This trek also involves a trip through Tanjung Layar with historical remains and panoramic views

A few things should be kept on mind before setting out jungle trekking in Indonesia. Before being spellbound by the animal and plant attractions, inform officials for your plans for the day. Plan ahead for which trail to take so as you could complete it before darkness. Carry water and some light food to avoid eating jungle fruits or drinking the stream water, which may cause serious illness. There are often short showers; so carry a raincoat if you find it necessary.

An adventure of traveling through the tropical rainforests of Indonesia, full of exotic animals and plants, is likely to stay in your mind for a long time.

Mt .Sibayak at Karo Highland Region